Analyze, model, and interpret real data, while creating social awareness of important current issues. Use modeling equations to interpolate, extrapolate, calculate percent inc/dec/error. Interpret the data and its consequences using graphs, tables, normal curves. Relevant topics to investigate include Opioids, Hot Car Temp Deaths, Climate Change, US Debt, Payday Loans, Plastic Straws. Learn how to create your own modeling activities. Graphing calculators are provided but data can be used with any graphing technology. Get all data sets, student sheets, teacher notes, solutions.

This session was presented by Dennis Wilson using materials created and provided by Tom Reardon. The links below provide access to these materials.

Opioids ActivityUS Debt ActivityClimate Change Activities
Sitcom ActivityBurning of Fossil Fuels ActivityPlastic Straw Activity
Math Modeling SummationGreen Bay Lambeau Field ActivityGreenland Ice Mass Activity
Hot Car Temperature Deaths ActivityPayday Loan Companies Activity“Ask Marilyn” cubic mile of water problem