Today we looked at update calculators. The link below provides four documents that are useful when updating the calculator, TI-Smartview, or TI-Connect CE.

TI Technology Documents

While we were updating calculators, we also worked in groups on one of three card sort activities. These are available at the link below.

Card Sort Activities

After the card sort, we revisited transforming an arrow that was created using a connected scatterplot. The list values and the images for the arrows are available in the folder below.

Day 2 Files

We then practiced sending files from one calculator to another using the Link menu. We practiced by sending background images on places in Chattanooga. This images are also in the day 2 files. We then explored the TRANSFORM APP to place linear and quadratic functions on these background images.

We then took time to split up by course levels to discuss the difficulties of maintaining the pace of curriculum while giving students opportunities to engage with exploration of mathematical concepts. One point that was raised my multiple groups was a need to find prepared activities. We then looked at 84 Activity Central. For homework, each teacher is finding one activity in the course to work and then sharing it in the Google resource page.

We finished the day by collecting data with the CBR2. We collected linear data using a Tumble Buggy, quadratic data using a bouncing basketball, and sinusoidal data using a slinky. We wrote programs that take this data and stores them into lists. Tomorrow, we will share these program and discuss analyzing the data.