Today we began with feedback that teachers wanted some resources that provide tutorials on particular calculator skills. Teachers were asked to place their needs in the Google Resource Sheet on the TI-84 Skill Wall. I also offered a website hosted by Tom Reardon with some tips and tricks for the TI-84. They can be access at the link below:

Tom Reardon’s Tip and Tricks

Next, we continued our investigation into model with mathematics by creating model for the data we created on Day 2. We looked at using the SELECT( command to choose an appropriate range of our data to analyze. An instruction sheet for this method is available under the Day 3 Files link below. We created a model for our linear data using the STAT/CALC menu. We looked at choice D:Manual Fit and 4:LinReg. We created a model for our quadratic data using the TRANSFORM APP and the expression Y1=A(X-B)2+D.

We then spent the remainder of the day doing activities with the TI-Innovator Rover. All the activities we did, along with the programs for the Rover can be found in the folder “Math with Rover” at the link below.

Day 3 Files

Learning to code the TI-84 and the Rover for basic tasks is not too difficult. You can teach yourself by using the 10 Minutes of Code lessons from Texas Instrument at the link below.

10 Minutes of Code