Next Steps With Integrating the TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Family in High School Math

This session is designed for math educators teaching high school math who desire to leverage TI-84 Plus CE technology to engage students in the learning process. Topics covered include classroom strategies for using the graphing calculator and its powerful features, including computations, graphing functions, lists and tables, statistics and probabilities, commonly used apps already included with the TI-84 Plus CE, and using the TI-SmartView™ emulator software to enrich student learning.

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Preparing Students for the AP® Precalculus End-of-Year Exam With TI-84 Plus Technology

Discuss and share strategies to effectively use TI-84 Plus technology to teach the AP® Precalculus curriculum, and explore key calculator skills students need to be successful on the exam.

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Successful Strategies for Using TI-84 Plus Technology on the AP® Calculus Exam

Did you know TI has FREE resources to help teach the topics on AP® Calculus exams? Leave with activities and videos created by AP® Calculus Chief readers that you can integrate into your curriculum to increase student success on the exam and deepen conceptual understanding. We will also explore successful strategies students can use for FRQs on the AP® exam.

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Mathematically Model Real-World Data with Social Implications: Opioids, Climate, and US Debt

Analyze, model, and interpret real data, while creating social awareness of important current issues. Use modeling equations to interpolate, extrapolate, calculate percent inc/dec/error. Interpret the data and its consequences using graphs, tables, normal curves. Relevant topics to investigate include Opioids, Hot Car Temp Deaths, Climate Change, US Debt, Payday Loans, Plastic Straws. Learn how to create your own modeling activities. Graphing calculators are provided but data can be used with any graphing technology. Get all data sets, student sheets, teacher notes, solutions.

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Tips & Tricks on the TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus CE and TI-SmartView for Grades 7-12

For new and experienced users. Several creative ideas to utilize the TI-84 and TI-84CE (color), much more effectively. Develop conceptual understanding better. How to use the 84 as an evaluator of complex expressions easily, trace on a graph and table simultaneously, how to use color photos to teach transformation graphing, much more. How to fully utilize the TI-SmartView graphing calculator emulator. Hands-on! 17-page pdf. Also, a website with 16 short videos that illustrate the Tips and Tricks step-by-step!

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