AP Annual Conference 2019 – Orlando

Playing Nice with the Mean Value Theorem

Early opportunities for student discussion of the average rate of change in a calculus class cements understanding and develops deeper meaning of the Mean Value Theorem later in the year. Attendees will explore the concept of average rate of change with a focus on conceptual understanding using dynamic graphical explorations. While these explorations are tied to the concept of motion, discussion will be applied to many other areas. This conceptual understanding will serve as a foundation for discovering the conclusion of the mean value theorem in the context of the race between the tortoise and the hare. With the conclusion in mind, attendees will explore the necessary conditions required for the conclusion to be met.

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About Dennis

Dennis Wilson started at Landmark Christian School in Fairburn Georgia in the fall of 1996. A graduate from Georgia Tech’s School of Physics, Dennis initially began teaching Chemistry and Physics in the science department at Landmark. Since becoming a member of the mathematics faculty in 2001, he has taught every level of math offered at Landmark from 5th grade to Multivariable Calculus II. In 2012, Dennis was appointed the Head of the Mathematics Department. Selected nine times by Landmark students as STAR teacher of the year, he is passionate about teaching with technology to help his students learn math through the use of multiple representations. He has presented at multiple conferences on technology use in the math classroom. In 2016, Mr. Wilson became an AP Reader for the AP Calculus BC exam.

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